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Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 30ml
Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 30ml
Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 30ml

Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 30ml

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360mg / 30ml


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Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 30ml

Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 360mg is a ground-breaking new product. CBD derived from the Cannabis Sativa L hemp plant which is a cousin of the Marijuana (Cannabis) plant, is helping many people around the world with their general malaise and chronic pain.

As the majority of CBD products are oil based, basic chemistry tells us that oil and water do not mix well.  If you add CBD oil to a drink, you will see it floats on the surface or worse sticks to the side of the glass.  If you then drink it, most of the CBD will still be stuck to the glass!

To bridge this gap, Soluble Plus was developed and formulated to disperse readily in liquids.  This clean, clear, and virtually tasteless solution can be added to any food or drink easily.  Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 360mg – 30ml is a CBD concentrate, meaning it is supposed to be added to something else such as water, coffee, tea, juices or even your pizza sauce!

Don’t like the taste of CBD oils?  Soluble Plus has almost none of the bitterness usually associated with CBD.

Soluble Plus is made with microscopic particles of CBD, and as these particles are so small, they appear relatively invisible to the naked eye.

Soluble Plus is also available in 180mg – 15ml.

Why choose to buy Enjoy CBD Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 30ml in the UK

The Coffee Shop Innovation Expo in ExCel London – The UK’s leading event for professionals working in the café, coffee shop and catering industries – nominated Soluble Plus water soluble CBD for innovative product of the year in 2019…

At the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo we gave samples out in plain water and the majority of people who tried it could not taste it.

Key Benefits

  • Soluble Plus is made with all-natural ingredients. It contains no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), chemical additives or heavy metals
  • clear and transparent appearance with virtually no taste
  • higher absorption rate into the body
  • long shelf life – 18 months
  • relatively low cost
  • easy to use dropper pipette, that allows quantities from as low as 0.5ml to be accurately dispensed.

Enjoy CBD’s Soluble Plus water soluble CBD products are concentrated to approximately 10mg cannabinoids per millilitre.  One drop = 0.5mg of CBD – approximately 600 drops in total. Due to the very high bio availability of Soluble Plus, your body will absorb up to 90% more CBD compared to a traditional CBD oil which has a low absorption rate because your body does not absorb oil as well.

We recommend adding 5 drops of Soluble Plus twice a day into a water / soft drink / tea or coffee to experience the dose’s full effects.

Do not exceed recommended dosage.  Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet.

Store your Soluble Plus water soluble CBD 30ml in a cool dark place and shake well before each use and keep out of reach of children.


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