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Enjoy CBD

Water Soluble CBD

Soluble Plus is a truly water soluble CBD (Cannabidiol) concentrate that can be added to any food or beverage, making it ideal for individuals and businesses in the UK looking for easy access to CBD. What’s more, Soluble Plus is completely clean, clear and tasteless.

If desired, we also have a citrus-flavoured option. This means that you or your customers can have their favourite coffee or drink every morning while still getting their “daily dose of calm”, with no change in taste or appearance.

Why buy Water Soluble CBD in the UK?

CBD (Cannabidiol) has entered the global consciousness in recent years as a product that should be considered as part of our daily wellness regimen. The health community in particular, has demonstrated how water soluble CBD may help people deal with a wide range of health-related issues…


Although we are not permitted to make specific medical claims, the media has widely reported on a growing number of cases in which people have benefited directly from taking CBD.  CBD is a phenomenon that is here to stay!


Enjoy CBD is the first company to bring truly water soluble CBD to the UK market. Our water soluble cannabinoids Soluble Plus can be mixed with water and is ideal for the creation of high-quality cannabinoid-infused beverages and edibles.  Furthermore, once added to water, a favourite beverage, or coffee, there is virtually no change in appearance or taste.


Is water soluble CBD a game-changer in the beverage industry?

Consider the endless possibilities for the beverage industry. The increased revenue stream that can be generated by adding consistent and measurable CBD to all drinks, hot or cold, alcoholic or non alcoholic…. This high-quality water soluble CBD (Soluble Plus) is easily dispensed via measurable droplets, allowing you to get your daily dose of calm. There is no discernible effect on flavour, consistency, texture or appearance and no bitter aftertaste – a truly transformative experience!


Because of the increased convenience and portability of Soluble Plus water soluble CBD, customers can easily incorporate the product into their daily wellness routine and do not require any specialised knowledge to use this high-end product.


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