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CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are made from hemp plants which have a naturally higher concentration of CBD and almost no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).  Because of the low THC content, CBD edibles are legal in the United Kingdom. When the CBD is extracted from the plant, it transforms into a very versatile product that can be added to almost any tasty treat. Enjoy CBD only sells CBD edibles online in the UK that contain no more than 0.2mg of THC – so low that it is practically non-existent and well within UK Government guidelines.  We fully meet the Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom’s compliance criteria (FSA).

Why buy CBD edibles online in the UK?

If you’re wondering “why buy CBD edibles online in the UK” we’d simply reply that CBD edibles are a tasty alternative to putting CBD oil under your tongue.


Enjoy CBD has chosen to collaborate with only a few companies that sell high-quality, full spectrum edible products.


Zen Bears, for example, are a No.1 bestseller because of their sweet and fruity flavour. These CBD gummies contain no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. They are completely Vegan because they do not contain any animal gelatin.  Because Zen Bears are all natural, they are suitable for even the most sensitive adults and children.  Zen Bears is a tried and trusted CBD company with whom Enjoy CBD has chosen to collaborate, so purchasing Zen Bears CBD gummies online in the UK is a wise decision…


Cannabinoids are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the body’s complex network of chemical compounds (endocannabinoids) and receptors that work constantly to bring the body into homeostasis and optimal functioning.


Do CBD edibles available for purchase online in the UK contain THC?

Enjoy CBD only sells CBD edibles online in the UK that contain minute traces of THC – so low that it is practically non-existent and falls within UK Government Guidelines. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or the Delta-9 THC isomer is a major constituent of the Cannabis plant, especially the Indica strain…


All of Enjoy CBD’s edible products are made from industrial Hemp Cannabis Sativa, a cousin of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Indica) more commonly known as Marijuana.  Cannabis Sativa hemp plants contain high concentrations of CBD but only trace amounts of THC that is well within UK Government guidelines of no higher than 0.2mg.


All CBD edibles sold online in the UK via the Enjoy CBD UK website are processed through a secure portal with VIVA Wallet and we accept all major credit/debit cards.  Simply click the “Add to Basket” button and proceed to checkout/view basket from the top right of the product page you’ve selected.  Enjoy CBD offer next day delivery across the UK provided you place your order BEFORE 3pm Monday – Thursday.  If you live outside of the UK, we will gladly accept your order and ship with one of our trusted couriers – still often next day!


CBD oil Vs CBD edibles: which should I choose?

If you are new to taking CBD (Cannabidiol), you may prefer to choose CBD edibles over CBD oils because they often have a sweet and fruity flavour that people enjoy.  CBD oils on the other hand, have a more earthy flavour that comes from the terpenes in the original hemp plant and can have a ‘bitter’ taste that some people dislike.


Furthermore, CBD Edibles may be a more discrete way of getting your daily dose of CBD as part of a healthy diet – nourishment on the go


Whichever method of CBD consumption you prefer, you can be confident that all of the products which Enjoy CBD sells online in the UK are of the highest quality that the CBD industry has to offer to the market today. We only work in partnership with companies that can back up their claims with independent 3rd party laboratory testing and have the lab reports to prove those claims.


Brighten up your day with a CBD Bear in your pocket while on the go to get your daily dose of calm…


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