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Water Soluble CBD

7 November 2019

Water Soluble CBD for drinks and foods


SOLUBLE PLUS – a new dimension to CBD in beverages and foods

Enjoy CBD has just launched a brand new, very versatile and truly water soluble CBD on to the UK market called Soluble Plus.  Over the past few years CBD has entered the world’s consciousness as a product that should be considered as part of our daily wellness regime.  The health community in particular has shown how CBD may help people deal with a multitude of health-related issues.  Although we are not permitted to make specific medical claims, the media has widely reported on a growing number of cases where individuals have benefitted from CBD and whose quality of life has improved as a direct result of taking it.

The phenomena that is CBD is here to stay!

The decision of many states in the USA to legalise the use of cannabis, has lead to a huge boom in CBD products being brought to a very recipient global market – which includes the UK.

Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier, more organic ways to consume CBD. Their choices currently include CBD oil, capsules, vapes, tinctures, balms and even gummy bears! It may sound a lot but there are no limits to how these products can be used and incorporated into a daily routine.

How can Soluble Plus be truly water soluble?  You may ask, as traditional hemp extract and cannabis derived extracts are made up of oily compounds that do not mix well with water…

Essentially, Soluble Plus utilises a very advanced method of emulsification whereby the minute particles of CBD (so small that they’re less than 5 nanometres – a billionth of a metre!) form a bond with water molecules.


The technology behind Soluble Plus

Oil and water do not mix.  This is because water, and compounds that water dissolves in, are hydrophilic (water-loving) while oil, and compounds that mix with oil, are hydrophobic (water resistant).  Thus, hydrophobic molecules can be defined as those that do not mix with water.

Cannabinoids are oily so do not dissolve in water and resist absorption into the bloodstream.  This is especially true for CBD Isolate, which is pure CBD (99%) in crystalline form.

Soluble Plus overcomes these solubility dilemmas by using innovative techniques involving ‘wrapping’ the CBD molecules in water in order to unify these two elements into one amazing formula – more bioavailable as well.  This efficiency translates to a more affordable and versatile product for the end user.

The advanced science used in the production of Soluble Plus, allows the body to absorb CBD much faster than traditional CBD oils since the body is made up of 60% water.

With Soluble Plus, you can easily add a few drops to get your daily dose of CBD to coffee, tea or any beverage – hot or cold – nourishment to go!  As there are two bottle sizes you can choose from, Soluble Plus fits easily into a pocket or handbag.   Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk into your favourite cafe and ask for Soluble Plus to be added to your tea or coffee?

Of course, its applications are endless as it can be used within any hot or cold beverage, including alcohol, and can be incorporated into foods as an ingredient.

Notable benefits

  • Consistent and measurable CBD control
  • Increased convenience and portability with drinks
  • No noticeable impact on flavour, consistency, texture or appearance
  • Easy for customers to use.


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