Importance of Terpenes in CBD

Importance of Terpenes in CBD

The importance of Terpenes in CBD cannot be overemphasised.  If you’re looking for the best selection of CBD products that haven’t been stripped of the powerhouse known as active Terpenes, you have definitely come to the right place. Terpenes have a key role to play in differentiating the effects of the various cannabis strains. Terpenoids and Terpenes are a large class of naturally occurring organic compounds which are known as isoprenes, as their structure is based on repeating isoprene (C5H8) units.  Terpenes are major constituents of plant resin and essential oils extracted from plants and aromatic compounds that are found in thousands of plant species which are also responsible for the various flavour and fragrances of the cannabis.  Awareness of their potential properties has only recently come to light.  As Terpenes are precursors to cannabinoids, the abundance of Terpenes is usually a sign of high cannabinoid levels as Terpenes are the ‘building blocks’ of the cannabis plant. 

As an oil that creates a wonderful bouquet, it is secreted from the exact same glands in the plant that generate the CBD, and by stripping them away most people are missing out on the benefits that Terpenes are known for. Our Terpene rich CBD products are the best of the best. They are packed with antioxidants on top of the benefits offered in our high quality Cannabidiol, so adding Terpenes to your daily regiment makes complete sense. Using a vape product such as VapeBright ‘Thrive’, the CBD and Terpenes are aerosolised as you inhale which means that the absorption rate is much higher than if you ingest your CBD. Not only are the CBD Terpenes hitting your sublingual glands as it passes through your mouth but getting directly into your bloodstream as it reaches the small blood vessels in your lungs. When it comes to immediately feeling the effects, there is no better delivery system.


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