CBD Absorption and Delivery

CBD Absorption and delivery

Absorption and delivery information by Enjoy CBD online

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CBD absorption and delivery.  If you are looking for value for money, you will most likely be looking for a product with maximum absorption or bio-availability.  Bio-availability simply means the amount of food supplement that is available for your body to use.  By definition, when a food supplement is administered directly into the bloodstream, it’s bioavailability is 100%.  If you consume a CBD food supplement orally and it passes through your digestive system, the bio-availability will be lower because there is less CBD food supplement available for your body to use.

An important point to consider when choosing the right CBD product for you is that it is in a delivery method that allows for as much CBD to get into your bloodstream.

CBD Absorption and Delivery methods of our CBD food supplements: Oral, Inhalation (Vape), Skin (Topically), Sublingual (Under the tongue)

Considering Oral Delivery?

Usage: Oils, Capsule, Edibles and Drinks

Path: Salivary glands, entire stomach digestive process (liver, pancreas, stomach acids etc)

Effect Time: Slow (approx 20-30 minutes)

A lot of people who take CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil for the first time choose an Oral delivery method because it’s quick and easy.  The taste of pure CBD is not the fruitiest.  If putting CBD Oil under your tongue is not working for you, we would recommend to try another oral delivery method such as CBD Capsuals or CBD Gummies. Enjoy CBD only sell CBD oils with 100% natural flavourings as we have found that there are many cheaper brands that taint oils with lots of nasties!

Considering Inhalation (Vaping) CBD?

Usage:   Vaping, Inhalation

Delivery Path:    Lungs to Bloodstream

Effect time:    Fast (approx 10-20 minutes)

If you are looking to take CBD food supplement for whole body and mind wellness you might like to try CBD oil in a Vape (CBD Vaping).  The CBD is inhaled and absorbed into your bloodstream through the lungs.  Again not all CBD is created equal and Enjoy CBD feel the very best vaping product on the market in the UK right now is Vape Bright.  

There are lots of inferior vaping products on the High Street so please make sure you are buying a high quality vape oil before inhaling it into your lungs and you should also check out what the CBD content actually is before spending your hard earned cash on an inferior product.

Some popular products

Other CBD absorption and delivery methods include Skin (Topically), Sublingual (Under the tongue)

Considering CBD Skin Balms or CBD Creams?

Usage:    Balms, Lotions, Salves, Patches & Creams

Delivery Path:  Dermal Absorption through the skin

Effect time:    Slow (approx 25-45 minutes)

This delivery method tends to be used by people who have a skin condition or aches and pains in muscles and joints.  Skin balms have a slower delivery method compared to Vaping CBD for example, but can be just as effective.  Make sure the quality of the CBD being used is ‘best in class’.

Considering CBD Oil or Pastes to put under the tongue?

Usage:    CBD Oil, CBD Tincture, CBD Paste

Delivery Path:  Absorbed into the veins under the tongue

Effect time:    Average (approx 15-25 minutes)

CBD Oils are the most popular products for a person trying CBD food supplement for the first time as it is very easy to manage the dosage.  Again, make sure the quality of the CBD being used is high as you will be ingesting this product. The last thing you want is to consume a non organic, cheaply produced product, with traces of heavy metals!  We recommend Enjoy CBD Premium Cannabidiol Oil drops.  

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