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What is Dinner Lady CBD?

Enjoy CBD have partnered with ‘Dinner Lady’, a UK based company specialising in the production of high quality, tasty flavoured, CBD oral drops and CBD vaping products.

Who wouldn’t like the taste of flavours like jelly candy, peppermint or tropical – an array of flavours to suit every taste. This range of CBD oil drops is exciting, especially for anyone searching for an alternative to the earthy taste of CBD (Hemp). 

Dinner Lady CBD ‘Tropical’, for example - oral drops/tinctures 15ml provides an easy to use method of administering CBD via drops under the tongue.  The CBD used in these formulations is a broad spectrum hemp distillate.  Dinner Lady oral drops are available in a range of flavours, sizes and dosage strengths. Dinner Lady products have 0% THC.  On the other hand you might be looking for CBD vape products and Dinner Lady have won several awards for their aping products across 80 + countries.

Are Dinner Lady CBD Products legal in the UK?

Dinner Lady CBD products are legal in the UK so long as the main ingredient (CBD) used in the manufacture of the products is derived from the Hemp plant.  The Hemp lant is a cousin of the marijuana plant containing only 02% or less of THC, the intoxicating component of the cannabis plant.

Benefits of Dinner Lady CBD Products in the UK

One of the benefits of purchasing Dinner Lady products is simply that they are manufactured in the UK and thereby comply with all UK regulations, including EU regulation which are very stringent indeed.

You can have confidence when purchasing any Dinner Lady product that they have been manufactured to a very high standard and that’s another reason why they are a leader in the production of products for the vaping industry.