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CBD Topicals

Why buy CBD Topical Cream online in the UK?

CBD Topicals are known to be easily absorbed into the skin - although this method may be slower as opposed to ingesting the CBD - the skin absorption method allows for regular and continuous absorption over a longer time frame. The active ingredients are not transmitted through the bloodstream but stay in the applied area.

Whether you are using CBD Topicals in your daily beauty regime or perhaps you have a mild skin irritation which could benefit from the soothing sensation immediate application gives.

Massaging 100% organic Hemp Oil into your scalp improves blood circulation and can help prevent dry scalp and dandruff.  Using hemp oil, as a matter of routine caring for your hair, also helps with split ends by just rubbing a few drops on the ends of your hair.  Now that is important for all those who use a hair dryer on your hair daily...

The nourishing combination of hemp with fragrant aromatherapy oils is the perfect moisturiser and protector for your skin - great for general full body massage.

Enjoy CBD topical products contain 100% natural ingredients and are hypo-allergenic, fully 3rd party lab tested to ensure consistent high quality across all of our ranges.  These products do not contain any psychoactive THC - just full of rejuvenating, energising, relaxing and general wellbeing goodness!

How are Topical CBD products made?

CBD Topicals are usually made with a combination of carrier/essential oils infused with CBD.   Some have a base of fatty oils and waxes.  Quality CBD balms often use beeswax for example, but of course you can also get CBD balms and creams made from plant based waxes, especially relevant if you are Vegan.

Coconut oil is the most popular carrier oil to be used in the production of CBD oils, however, CBD products can be scent-free or infused with a fragrant mix of essential oils so you can easily choose a product for your specific needs.

Enjoy CBD sell full spectrum CBD products so that you get all of the health promoting compounds found in the hemp plant.  Cannabinoids such as CBDA, terpenes and omega 3, 6 and 9 healthy fats and flavonoids.

We recommend that your CBD products should be stored in a cool dark place as light can effect the colouration of the oils.

CBD Topicals - Medical Claims?

We are unable to make any medical claims around the products that Enjoy CBD sell online, however there is a wealth of information and scientific studies being carried out all over the world - Information available for you to peruse at your leisure.  We would recommend, however, that you have a look at where there are a large number of peer reviewed studies on the benefits of CBD but also any potential unknowns.

Enjoy CBD offer Next Day delivery for all of your CBD products ordered BEFORE 3pm Monday - Thursday.  If you place your order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your order will be processed on the next working day Monday and will be dispatched for delivery on Tuesday.