CBD for Coffee Shops in the UK


CBD for Coffee Shops in the UK

Coffee shops in the UK regularly add exciting new and innovative flavourings to drinks/coffee to increase their revenue stream.  The excitement in the Coffee Shop arena today is the ‘in Vogue’ possibility of adding high quality CBD to drinks/coffee.

Perhaps it’s a novel idea, but novelty and innovation is what the British do best…

According to an article published in the Evening Standard recently, the latest coffee trend in the UK is the addition of CBD for coffee shops and their surprise at seeing a big increase in sales and new customer walk-ins.

The problem with traditional CBD oils in Coffee

The problem with traditional CBD oils in coffee is basically down to chemistry. The majority of CBD products on the market are oil based and basic chemistry tells us that oil and water do not mix well.  If you are adding CBD oil to your drink/coffee, when you consume that drink/coffee, you will likely see oil globules floating around the glass or even worse, stuck to the side!  If you have a quality Coffee Shop offering a premium product, it’s important that the CBD you are adding to your drink/coffee is truly water soluble – clean, clear and with no strong bitter aftertaste. It’s vital for customer retention when adding CBD to their favourite drink/coffee that it doesn’t change the colour or alter the taste in any way – after all your reputation depends on serving quality, quality, quality….

Enjoy CBD launched Soluble Plus  at the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo in November 2019 a truly water-soluble CBD that can be added to any food or beverage making it ideal for a café or coffee shop in the UK.  Soluble Plus is a completely clear and tasteless high quality CBD solution meaning your customers can enjoy their favourite coffee each morning with no change in taste or appearance.  Enjoy CBD’s Soluble Plus was a Finalist in the Product of the Year 2019 at the exhibition.  The product of the Year pays tribute to the concept that exemplifies excellence in the way of functionality, innovation and design, having made a significant and powerful impact on the industry in 2019…

Studies suggest the average CBD user is aged between 25 – 50.  They have a higher educational degree and are more likely to be in full time employment. From this, we know that our potential customers are of legal age, educated enough to be thinking about their health and wellness and they have an expendable allowance to invest in products like CBD.

Why are people adding CBD drops to Coffee in the UK?

Although CBD extracted from the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant can be used to make an abundance of products from CBD oil, tinctures, balms and vapes to edibles, some people have started to look for easier and more efficient alternatives.  Enter ‘stage left’ Soluble Plus  – a truly water soluble CBD for the discerning coffee shop owner.  It’s not only new and innovative but has the potential to double your revenue stream and is, potentially, what the drinks industry has been waiting for….. .. there are no limitations as to how you can incorporate Soluble Plus into your café or coffee shop business and that’s why the introduction of Soluble Plus CBD for coffee shops is making such big waves….

Inside the body, we all have a system called the Endocannabinoid system.  The Endocannabinoid system is a complex network of chemical compounds and receptors which are constantly working to help keep our bodies in balance – (this is called bringing the body into ‘homeostasis’) so it functions optimally.   CBD is known to stimulate and support the Endocannabinoid system and may also help it to continue running efficiently.  This is just one of the reasons why CBD is becoming so popular in the United Kingdom.   Many consumers are now more confident that taking CBD as part of their daily wellness regime is helping them, however, more scientific studies need to be carried out before any specific claims can be made….


“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.”

Tom Freston

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What is Soluble Plus CBD for Coffee?

Adding Soluble Plus CBD drops to any drink allows businesses to take their products to the next level.  Offering customers the option to add a dose of CBD to their morning tea/coffee will not only attract more customers through the door but provide an extra lucrative revenue stream by potentially doubling the profitability of drinks sold.

Since the body is made up of 60% water, Soluble Plus water soluble CBD allows the body to absorb much more CBD than other CBD products…..

The benefits of offering CBD drops in a Coffee Shop?

The benefits of offering CBD drops in a Coffee Shop are obvious – Why change your menu, something that you’ve worked hard to get right, when you don’t have to!  it’s not necessary to buy expensive infused CBD coffees, when you can simply add the recommended dose of 5 drops per serving of Soluble Plus to any drink…

As a coffee shop owner, you can potentially increase your revenue stream by offering your customers the option of adding a serving of water-soluble CBD to their drinks. Apart from increasing the overall profitability per serving, it could also help to attract more new customers through your door…

  • Increase revenues and profit per sale
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Attract new customers through your door
  • Retain existing customers

Enjoy CBD provide you with free marketing material such as stickers, flyers and posters to educate your existing customers and advertise to new walk-ins.


How much does Soluble Plus CBD drops cost?

Firstly, there is no minimum order.  You can try Soluble Plus by simply ordering 1 bottle.  If you like it, and wish to order more, you can order more at a discounted rate.

We have two bottle sizes available at the moment.

The first holds 300 drops which is equal to 60 coffee doses.  This is priced at £25.  The second holds 600 drops which is equal to 120 doses.  This is priced at £45.

If you order a pack of 6 bottles, the price is discounted thereby increasing your profit margin ( See pricing below )

If you charge £1 a CBD shot (one shot = 5 drops), you will earn a minimum of £60 for the 15ml bottle and £120 for the bigger 30ml bottle.

CBD for Coffee Shops In the United Kingdom Soluble Plus

“Traditional CBD oils are like candle-makers in the late 1800’s, and I’m here holding the electric light bulb”

Alex Campbell

To summarise:

Soluble Plus will not change the taste or appearance of any drink it is added to – even water.  It’s got a long shelf life (18 months), it’s very easy to use and most importantly is priced competitively.

The growing trend of coffee shops adding CBD to customers’ drinks/coffees is rising.  This trend looks set to continue – building more momentum in London, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds and many other big cities across the United Kingdom. It’s only a matter of time before it arrives at a local coffee shop near you (if it isn’t already there yet)!

If you would like to add Soluble Plus CBD drops to your Coffee Shop menu, please send us an inquiry below and a member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.